General Overview

Below is an areal view of the main Concord campus as well as simplified map.  The map shows:

  • Main Lodge.
  • Three cabins: Frederick, Hardy and Hampshire.
  • Four Houses: St. Anthony, St. Augustine and St. Isaac.  Second Heave house is seen in the simplified map but not the areal picture since it is a little further from the main campus.
  • Two campfires.
  • Amphitheater.
  • Three main trails: Second Heaven, High Mountain and Living Water trails (shown in the simplified map only).
  • Swimming Pool, Volley ball, basketball and human Foosball fields.
  • Paintball field and Obstacle course are in the simplified map only.

Areal view of main Concord campus

Simplified map for Concord

Second Heave House

Second Heaven House is a little further from the main campus. It can be reached by walking through the Second Heaven Trail from the main campus or through its separate entrance from route 259.

Second Heaven House