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Upper room
Chapel 2
Second Heaven- Hedn Elaab- V NEW 024
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The chapel, our large meeting room is located at the far end of the lodge on the second level.  It accommodates up to 130 people.  It has a mobile altar and can be used as a chapel.   It has a wide screen TV as well as an automatic drop down screen.  Presentations can be done through the TV or projected on the screen with the use of our projector.  A sound system is also available.  At the end of this room, there are two rest rooms.

Coptic Liturgy in Upper Room

Chapel Meeting Room

Mobile Altar in the chapel

Upper Room


The upper room is our second largest room in the front of the second floor.  It has a wide screen TV and a regular screen.  You can bring your presentations on your computer and connect it to the TV or to our projector.  It has a mobile altar as well so you can convert it into a church and pray the liturgy.


In our library, you can spend quiet time reading one of our spiritual books or encyclopedia.  Also, you can bring your own books to read while enjoying nice scenery from the windows of the library.  Also, it can be a nice place for meeting of the leaders of the group


Love Room

Hope Room

Two wide side rooms (Hope and Love Rooms) are available for small groups.  They can be also good for subgroup discussions or activities. The Hope Room has a wide screen TV.  You can gather in that room to watch a movie at night.  That same room has a bathroom for convenience.

A small room (Faith Room) that has a capacity of 15 people is located on the second floor across the  hallway from the library and is close to the upper room at the front of the building.  It can be used for subgroup discussions or for quiet time.

Faith Room