Concord retreat is a Christian Retreat Center that welcomes and supports any group that shares the mission and passion of bringing every person into the presence of God. We value all our guests and we ask you to please read carefully these guidelines and familiarize yourself with them.  This list is not at all inclusive; please circulate these instructions to your group.

  1. Smoking, firearms and pets are not permitted anywhere on Concord Retreat
  2. Please report immediately any damage of camp property or equipment to Concord staff.
  3. Stay on Concord Retreat property and within its marked trails.
  4. Please be sure to keep doors and windows in houses, cabins and lodge always closed.
  5. Please be aware that posting anywhere on the walls is prohibited unless you use scotch tape without damaging the paint.
  6. Groups are responsible to prepare for their own settings. They are welcome to come early if they need more time to prepare. They are kindly asked to return all meeting rooms and houses to their original state before leaving.
  7. No moving of mattresses or furniture from one room to another or one house to another.
  8. Please, bring back to Concord Staff all sports equipment that had been used during your stay.
  9. Pool rules and hours are posted on bulletin at the pool. Swimming suits are required. Cover-ups should be worn when not in the pool area.


  1. Each group is expected to place all trash in closed trash bags at the foyer inside the house (not outside).
  2. Bring all used sheets and pillow-cases to the foyer of each house.
  3. Leave the grounds and the buildings neat and orderly.
  4. Return any chairs, benches or equipment to their original locations before leaving.
  5. Return all balls and sports equipment and report them back to the Concord staff.
  6. No moving of mattresses from one room to another.
  7. The contact person should conduct a thorough check of the entire used area for items left behind such as food, clothing, etc.
  8. Groups should check out as scheduled to allow for cleaning prior to the arrival of other groups.


  1. Fire, police, and rescue services may be reached by dialing 911.
  2. If help is needed, please call (703) 587-9911.

SecurityAll common areas on the premises are under security surveillance for your safety.

Telephone and InternetSprint and AT&T may have cellular phone service but not Verizon.  Internet can be available in the lodge area for the group leaders. Otherwise internet connections are for Concord Staff only.

Printable PDF available here: CONCORD RETREAT-POLICIES