Concord retreat is an Orthodox Christian Center which welcomes and supports any group that shares the mission and passion of bringing every person into the presence of God. We value all our guests and we ask you to please read carefully these guidelines and familiarize yourself with them.  This list is not at all inclusive; please circulate these instructions to your group upon arrival:

  1. Smoking, firearms, and fireworks are not permitted anywhere at the Concord Retreat Center.
  2. Please report immediately any damage of camp property or equipment to Concord staff.
  3. Please help us maintain good relations with our neighbors. Stay on Concord Retreat property and within its marked trails.
  4. In order to enjoy the wild environment while maintaining a clean and safe indoors as well as conserving energy, please be sure to keep all doors (Entry, French and Sliding doors) in houses, cabins and Lodge closed at all times.
  5. Please be aware that posting anywhere on the walls is prohibited. If you are in need for such postings, please let us know in advance, so we can provide you with a bulletin board. For your convenience there are designated areas for bulletin boards and posting needs in each of the houses and the lodge.
  6. Groups are responsible to prepare for their own settings. They are welcome to come early if they need more time to prepare. They are kindly asked to return all meeting rooms and houses to their original state before leaving.
  7. Pool rules and hours are posted on bulletin at the pool. Swimming suits are required. Cover-ups should be worn when not in the pool area.


Printable PDF available here: CONCORD RETREAT-POLICIES 2018