Trails and Hiking

We have three main trails in addition to many smaller trails.  The aerial view shows the Second Heaven Trail (yellow), the High Mountain Trail (White) and the Living Water Trail (red).  Both the Second Heaven and the High Mountain trails leads to the Second Heaven House.  The Living Water Trail leads to Eldridge Road.  Turning left at the end of that trail and following the road will lead to the Cacapon River.

Trails at Concord

Come walk, run, bike or explore our many trails that cover Concord's 175 acres of wooded land.  We have a number of trails and reflection spots for your enjoyment.  All four seasons offer breath taking views of the forest, surrounding mountains, valleys and pastures.  The trails can also be a great evening activity, or fun for group games. Concord is also just a few miles away from the George Washington National Forest if you want a more traditional hike. We can direct you to multiple summits that take various amounts of time and skill levels.