Orthodoxy and Salvation

The conference will be centered around the theme of “Orthodoxy and Salvation”, the conference will discuss salvation through the orthodox understanding of Scripture, tradition, and the sacramental life of the Church. There are 4 talks planned treating the theme from different perspectives:
  • Sacred history of salvation celebrated in liturgy: is there any relationship between past unrepeatable event and present celebration? and how is that possible for the human mind which is confined in the limitation of space, time, and matter?
  • The dynamic nature of the Orthodox tradition vs the western sola scriptura: theology could not be a rational deduction from “revealed’ premises (from scripture alone), rather it was a vision experienced by the saints who encountered the truth expressed over centuries in the liturgical and ascetic life of the Church.
  • How the early Church Fathers read and interpreted the Scripture: the deposit that was given by the Lord, preached by the apostles, and kept by the Fathers is the lens through which Scripture must be read. Case study: Genesis account of creation and fall.
  • How relevant Orthodoxy is to today’s social issues? Can the Orthodox ethos help introduce solutions to fix the human condition?
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mena Abdelsayed
Mena Abdelsayed was born in Alexandria, Egypt and raised in Vancouver, Canada. While working on his Ph.D. in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Simon Fraser University, he completed his M.A. in Theology from the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies (OCS) at Durham University, UK. His M.A. thesis topic was “A DIVINE-MEDIATED EVOLUTION IN COPTIC CHRISTOLOGY: A comparative analysis of the Christological thoughts of Cyril of Alexandria (5th-century) and ibn al-Makin (13th-century).” His continued research interests incorporate patristics, church history, and systematic theology. He loves teaching and research and serves as a chanter in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Age Restriction
Married couples, young adults and high schoolers are welcome to sign up and join the conference. In case middle schoolers are coming with their parents, they will have to attend the lectures. No elementary kids or toddlers allowed as we provide no service for them.


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Two Day Registration: $85/person

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