Concord is more like your HOME away from home! We have four houses that each have 8 to 11 bedrooms. Your group can enjoy their house – as they relax on sofas and chairs or around a game table in their house’s living and family rooms – that all feature a fireplace.

Our houses help to create a wonderful experience. All of the four large brick homes have air-conditioning and heat. Capacity of houses vary between 34 to 48 people or in combination – can handle up to over 200 people. Simple, functional, and comfortable…  The four houses are:

St. Anthony’s House, St. Augustine, St. Isaac of Syria and Second Heaven


If you are looking for a dorm style, we do have two cabins, each cabin has six bunk beds for 12 people.

They are the Frederick and Hardy cabins.


Also, we have a cabin for the leader or the invited speaker.  The Hampshire Cabin.

We let you concentrate on your retreat and enjoy your accommodations!